At the Wash & Brushup Co., we believe that the key to being a great hairdresser is to have a strong understanding of the basic foundation. These haircuts give structure to the shape from which creativity can be built.

During our classes, you will strengthen your hairdressing skills by learning a set of fundamental haircuts with the emphasis on upgrading and strengthening your hairdressing techniques. These will vary from classic layers, graduated shapes, precision haircuts and men's hair.

Because our classes are never more than 3 students per teacher, we can focus on the important things. This includes hand and body positioning, attention to detail and walking you through every step of personalizing and finishing. Whether you are just starting your career or you own a salon, we welcome you and look forward to working with you. For information or to register, please call 707-395-0931 to speak with one of our program directors.



Let's you get back to the basics and brush up on your skills. In these classes we revisit classic layers. Establishing and following your guideline to create the vision you started with. We explore when to keep your guideline stationary to create length and movement in an area and when and how to use it to remove weight. At the end of this course we will go through some great finishing techniques to enhance and soften the layers and personalize the haircut to your taste.


Through demonstration and hands-on sessions you will learn to reinforce previously learnt techniques to give you a technical edge. The perfect Bob haircut! You will learn when to cut with tension and when to cut on the skin or through your comb depending on the texture and movement of your clients hair. This course includes detailing fringes (bangs) and how to work with the hair at the nape.


The build up of weight. You will learn classic graduation techniques that add fullness and movement to your clients hair. Graduation is one of the most elusive techniques in hairdressing and can sometimes surprise you! We teach you how to control where and when you want to create graduation whether it is in a bob or a fringe. You will also learn how to soften and personalize your graduation to give is a seamless finish.

Men's Haircutting and Short Hair

Starts with a scissor over comb workshop to get your hands moving properly. We then move into square shapes for strength and rounded shapes for softness in women's short haircuts. This course offers in depth texturizing techniques to help you push your boundries and create a statement with your clientele

Long Hairdressing

Wash & Brushup Co. takes the fear out of long hairdressing with a simplified approach. Join us as we review foundation, texture, shape, and finishing techniques that will enhance your hairdressing skills.

Creative Colour

From highlight placement to colour theory, our creative color class will inspire you and help you with the thought process in determining your clients needs. We will show you the latest trends in hair colour and how to achieve them.